sexta-feira, março 31, 2006


I need to feel my flying soul is migrating away.
I need to feel the freedom in my hands.
My wings cutted away by everyday fakes.
I need to feel free.
Take me away from here, and let me be myself.
Take me with you and make me fly again.

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Face à la mer
je voudrais grandir
Face à la mer
Je voudrais viellir
Lisbonne o ma chère
Ton souffle m'a envouté
Et dans mon coeur
Une étincelle a éclaté

Lisbon O mighty beauty
I will not stop thinking of you
Your hills got me naughty
My heart is beating for you
I know I am being flirty
But hey! just look at you

Ta belle ame est libre
Tes ailes égayent les cieux
D'amour tu resteras ivre
Pas besoin de quitter les lieux
Dans mon temple tu es bigre
J'en remercie les dieux

The White Scratcher disse...

You are right Anonomous, this city is special and sometime people is even more than this. I wish to keep setting in front of the sea, with the seagull voice sourraunding view, and my heart beating faster and faster.