quarta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2007

Circulação energética

Deve ser da falta de ligações sanguíneas, mas as vezes não dá mesmo para perceber mesmo.... Falta de oxigenação cerebral???? Quantas vezes, quanta gente, .....................

domingo, fevereiro 04, 2007

Travel to Italy, North___part 1

Nothing better than a good journey can help us to open our mind. The point is to follow something beautiful, to keep ours eyes open and, to try to absorb such a beauty. To try to bring it home it’s what we hope and need, just to fell better and keep dreaming.
Pictures are just a support.
I don’t know why…but I love this country. Here I wanna share some snapshots with you. ENJOY !!

All the images from this book!!

Caldonazzo lake

Genova, Spinola Palace

Padova, Saint's Church


Verona, Giulietta's Home passage.